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TAC Right Now

Oct 7, 2022

The war in Ukraine escalates this week, with Putin annexing territory and Zelensky applying for NATO membership while calling for regime change in Moscow. Emile, Helen, Micah, and Sohrab discuss the latest developments, and the dangerous rhetoric coming from some hawks in the US. Plus, the Georgia senate race gets hit with an "October surprise" with reports that Herschel Walker paid for a girlfriend's abortion, and the gay romcom "Bros" bombs at the box office.
Join us on 11/17 for our 20th Anniversary Gala!
Picks of the week:
Emile: Iran's Empty Uprising, Sohrab Ahmari
Helen: Entertaining Etiquette, Nic Rowan
Micah: A Conflict of Visions, Krzysztof Tyszka-Drozdowski
Sohrab: Blame the Troops?, Wesley Jefferies