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TAC Right Now

May 26, 2023

Ron DeSantis is officially in for 2024--but his big announcement didn't go as planned. Emile, Sohrab, Bradley, and Sumantra break down the glitchy announcement on Twitter Spaces, discuss how the Florida governor is positioning his nascent campaign, and unpack the state of play in the growing GOP primary field for 2024.

Join us for "A Foreign Policy for the 118th Congress" on June 8 in Washington--Register here!

Picks of the week:

Emile: Cities of the West: An American Success Story, J.H. Cullum Clark

Sohrab: If Russia Wins, William S. Lind

Sumantra: A Dangerous Proposal, Ted Galen Carpenter

Bradley: The Taco Truck Delusion, Christopher Brunet