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TAC Right Now

May 19, 2023

Emile, Micah, Sohrab, and John discuss the release of special counsel John Durham's report on his investigation into the FBI's Russiagate probe. The Durham report offers a damning account of corruption at the FBI--but reaction from the establishment media says otherwise. Plus, a frail 89-year-old Dianne Feinstein returns to the senate after a health-related absence, and Texas takes further moves to stop transgender surgeries on minors.

Join us for "A Foreign Policy for the 118th Congress" on June 8 in Washington--Register here!

Picks of the week:

Emile: Our Man in Tokyo, Jason Morgan

Micah: Hang the DJ, Jude Russo

John: The Ratcatcher, Bradley Devlin

Sohrab: The Ratcatcher Reprise, Bradley Devlin