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TAC Right Now

Jun 30, 2021

In this latest episode, famed author Thomas Frank joins the podcast for a discussion about Biden's court historian Jon Meacham, and how he's been speaking truth to fellow liberals. In the intro, the Lincoln Project exonerates itself and Peter Daszak's fall from grace.

Jun 22, 2021

In the latest Right Now, your hosts speak to George Packer, a writer at the Atlantic and author of Last Best Hope: American in Crisis and Renewal, about America's four tribes and ideological polarization. In the intro segment, Lina Khan confirmed as FTC chair and a look at January 6 informants.

Jun 14, 2021

In this episode, your hosts speak to Joe Kent, running for a seat in Congress in Southern Washington, about his experience serving abroad, the challenges facing Americans today, and living on the outskirts of lawless Portland. In the intro, Biden's immigration changes, the single-family-rental trend, and...

Jun 7, 2021

This week, Helen and Ryan speak to Donald Ritchie, author of the new book The Columnist: Leaks, Lies and Libel in Drew Pearson's Washington, about the life of the legendary gossip. In the intro segment, immigration changes and the fall of Anthony Fauci.