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TAC Right Now

Jan 29, 2021

Few members of the working class end up holding elected office of any kind. North Carolina's Lt. Governor Mark Robinson is the only one nationwide to hold a statewide office. Hear about his extraordinary rise to prominence and how the GOP can learn to appeal to the working class.

Jan 8, 2021

This week's episode begins with two segments on the riot at the Capitol on Wednesday, first with TAC senior reporter Curt Mills, and second with editorial fellow Declan Leary, who was there. In the interview segment, we speak to Keith Windschuttle, editor-in-chief of Quadrant and author of a new book about the Pell trial.

Jan 1, 2021

Who were the worst Nobel Peace Prize awardees, recent and long-past? Marcus Nobel, President of United Earth and a member of the Nobel family, joins the host to talk about where the prize went wrong, and what could fix it. Plus, the COVID relief debate and the anniversary of John Lennon's murder.