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TAC Right Now

Jul 23, 2024

Bradley, Helen, Sumantra, and Mason talk about an eventful week in American politics, from an assassination attempt to a sudden withdrawal from the presidential race.

Picks of the week:
Bradley: "GOP Scrambles to Face New Opponent," Bradley Devlin
Helen: "The Great Immigration Experiment," Theo Wold
Mason: "Bring Back...

Jul 10, 2024

Bradley talks to Helen, Spencer, and Sumantra about elections in the UK and France, Biden's odds of making it to November, and the National Conservatism conference in Washington.

Picks of the week:
Helen: "French Elections Could Have Been Worse," Scott McConnell
Spencer: "GOP Can Learn Abortion Lesson from Methodist...

Jun 26, 2024

Bradley joins Helen, Stacey, and Mason to discuss the attacks in Sevastopol and Dagestan, the upcoming parliamentary elections in France, and Julian Assange.

Picks of the week:
Helen: "North Korea's Russian Turn Is More Bark than Bite," Rob York
Bradley: "Byron Donalds, from Crown Heights to Congress," Bradley...

Jun 20, 2024

Bradley talks to Helen, Spencer, and Stacey about the announced rules for next week's presidential debate, Biden's sweeping new amnesty, and Bob Good's primary race in Virginia, now headed to a recount.

Picks of the week:
Helen: "The Cipher: Mark Rutte, the Next NATO Secretary-General," Curt Mills
Spencer: "

Jun 12, 2024

Executive director Curt Mills joins Bradley, Helen, and Sumantra to talk about the European parliamentary elections, Trump's appearance in Nevada, and Iran's presidential race.

Picks of the week:
Helen: "South Africa Teeters at the Brink," Helen Andrews
Curt: "Will the First Amendment Save Assange?" Peter van...